Venice, Italy

Disused and abandoned building to be brought back to life for a cultural project

La ProprietĂ 

In the historic center of Venice, Carceri di San Severo is conveniently located a ten minute walk from Piazza San Marco and the Rialto Bridge.
The property consists of a main building with two floors above ground for the part facing the road and three floors above ground for the rear part, as well as an internal garden.
The building has finishes and features of value and historical/architectural significance. The property is in a good state of conservation but needs structural works.

The church of San Severo stood in Campo San Severo as far back as 820. It was first closed due to the Napoleonic reforms and then unfortunately demolished with its bell tower in 1829 by the Austrians to build prisons. These prisons were used until 1866 to detain people arrested by the Austro-Hungarian police for political reasons.
During 1860 the painter Ippolito Caffi remained detained in the prisons of San Severo. But probably the most illustrious prisoner who forcibly stayed there was Niccolò Tommaseo, architect together with Daniele Manin of the Venetian uprising against the Austrians on 22 March 1848.
Conveniently located also close to a vaporetto stop (San Zaccaria).

Asking Price: On request

1000 square meters

Culture Studio is a real estate consultancy company with consolidated experience in properties with characteristics of historical and cultural uniqueness. We specialise in residencies and spaces for artists, where people create, study, conserve and exhibit; throughout the national territory and in particular in Venice and its lagoon, Milan, Tuscany, and wine estates in historically vineyards.

We do not have a static portfolio of properties but we offer a personalised property search, brokerage and enhancement service for collectors, enthusiasts of the sector, investors in cultural projects, foundations, institutions, galleries, art funds and artists.
Culture Studio has been involved in several widely diversified property revaluation projects, including investments in cultural and exhibition spaces, hotels, schools and co-working spaces.

One-of-a-kind building that, with the right vision, can become a fantastic gallery, art residency or any other sort of cultural space.

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