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Culture Studio is a real estate consultancy company with consolidated experience in properties with characteristics of historical and cultural uniqueness. We specialise in residencies and spaces for artists, where people create, study, conserve and exhibit; throughout the national territory and in particular in Venice and its lagoon, Milan, Tuscany, and wine estates in historically vineyards.

We do not have a static portfolio of properties but we offer a personalised property search, brokerage and enhancement service for collectors, enthusiasts of the sector, investors in cultural projects, foundations, institutions, galleries, art funds and artists.

Culture Studio has been involved in several widely diversified property revaluation projects, including investments in cultural and exhibition spaces, hotels, schools and co-working spaces.

Culture Studio is part of Valorizzazioni Culturali group, a company with consolidated experience and expertise in the management of prestigious properties and the organisation of events and exhibitions. In 2023, a new project dedicated to the creation of digital spaces also known as “Digital Twins” will be launched.


Below a small selection of examples of the properties within our portfolio and projects carried out in the past.


Venice, Italy

Conversion of part of a prestigious building complex into a business museum

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Venice, Italy

Disused and abandoned building to be brought back to life for a cultural project

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Milan, Italy

Development and change of destination project to host an educational program

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Milan, Italy

Creation of minimal space in the heart of Milan for temporary rental for exhibitions, fashion shows, product presentations, cocktails

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Milan, Italy

Complete transformation project for the creation of a hotel and cultural center in the heart of Milan

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Milan, Italy

Large building with an industrial soul on three levels that can be transformed in many ways

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Large building in the heart of Venice, home to an art foundation or artists' house

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Venice, Italy

Conversion of a deconsecrated abbey into an event space

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We create digital twins of cultural spaces in order to host activities in the metaverse to be combined with 'real life' activities.



Filippo is the founder of the Valorizzazione Culturali group, which has its operational offices in Venice and Milan. The prominent activity is the value appreciation of historic properties also through the production of cultural initiatives and events. Valorizzazione Culturali manages projects in the fields of contemporary art, architecture, design and fashion. The company promoted and coordinated the recovery and regeneration of numerous historic and scenic properties, the group's founding mission.


At the age of 16 Ginevra moved to Oxford (UK) and in 2014 she graduated from CASS Business School in London. After working for a couple of years in London, she moved to Madrid to undertake a Masters in Digital Business at the renowned ESCP. In 2017 she started working in the tourist real estate sector in Tuscany dealing with digital development and strategy. Ginevra joins Culture Studio in January 2022.


After significant experience in administrative and managerial roles in real estate and service companies, Armando chose to become an active part of the Valorizzazione Culturali group in 2018. Specializing in strategic and financial planning, Armando is a key figure in the management of extraordinary operations. Their deep experience and extensive network made them an invaluable resource in the founding and development of Culture Studio.